Who we areHedges Wealth Management LLC is a fee based Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with clientele stretching throughout the South East in major cities such as Charlotte NC, Atlanta GA, Charleston SC and Miami FL. We focus on four distinct areas: Tax Advice, Financial Planning Advice, Investment Advice and Insurance Advice, orchestrated through our affiliate company Hedges Insurance Agency LLC. 

Why we do what we do: The company was started to level the playing field. Our clientele access the highest calibre investment managers and top tier returns previously only reached by the largest multi-billion dollar pension funds and endowments. The combined assets of our Investment Managers is over $30 Billion.

Our clientele: We cater to both Private Individuals (such as ultra high net worths, medium sized business owners, lawyers & surgeons) and Institutions (such as colleges, trusts, charities, foundations, endowments & corporates). Hedges Wealth Management LLC acts as a fiduciary and intermediary to its clientele, and puts their interests first. We encourage all clients to complete an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) so that each portfolio is managed within the parameters and guidelines set forth. We have a low minimum to open an account, commencing at $25,000 which allows our new clientele to test the water.

Why we are different: Our competitive advantage and value proposition to our clientele is clear. We put our clientele ahead of the curve and in the best financial position possible. Our experienced network and longterm partners of CFPs, CPAs, CFAs and JDs work together closely, one on one, with our individual and institutional clientele throughout the South East. Together, we ensure our clientele exceed their objectives. In 2011, we adopted the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct in order to demonstrate the highest level of ethics and standards in the industry to our clientele. Our fees are simple, fair, highly competitive and transparent ranging from 0.51% to 1.70% per annum. Our interests are permanently aligned with our client's interests. Through our firm, clients can access high calibre investment management and respective top tier returns previously reserved for multi-billion dollar pension funds and endowments.

Our investment process: Building our client portfolios with best in class Investment Managers requires PROOF. This is a rigorous five step Investment Manager Selection Process, orchestrated through our formal partnership with Curian Capital, it's 13 CFAs and Segal Rogerscasey. Segal Rogerscasey provides consultative oversight on over $400 billion in assets. We invite you to learn more about PROOF and the vetting of our investment managers with us in person. Lastly, our long term relationship with Curian Capital also provides the #1 tax harvesting platform in the USA, mitigating taxes on our clients' investment portfolios.

Connect with us: Stay in touch, receive special financial information and read our independent objective articles on Economics, Tax, Finance, Investments and Insurance. If you are interested in receiving custom Tax Advice, Financial Advice or seeing which Investments and Insurance we recommend to our private and institutional clientele, please make an appointment by clicking Contact Us. Thank you.